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Pdf download formulas and calculations for drilling, production, and workover. This book is still intended for the entirety of their careers. Drilling software download free trials and try before you buy. The aim of this article is to present a new approach in the design of hdd trajectories in twodimensional. Shareware junction periodically updates pricing and software information of directional drilling v. Pdf windowsbased software for directional drilling calculations.

Applied drilling formulas basic drilling formulas directional drilling calculation drilling fluid formulas engineering formulas hydraulic formulas well control formulas drill collar weight effective mud density equivalent circulating density ecd using yield point for mw less than or equal to ppg equivalent circulating density ecd using yield point for mw more than. It can also be used to access multiple reservoirs with one rig and to adjust the pressure in gas mines through a process known as. The well path is then calculated with simple trigonometric functions. In the early days of drilling exploration, it was common to set the drilling rig right above the target and drill a vertical well into it.

Directional drilling calculation example drilling formulas and. This book may be a tutorial guide for students, to lecturers and teachers it may be a solution manual, and drilling engineers may find that it is a source for solving problems. The average of the two sets of angles is assumed to be the inclination and the direction for the course length. Materials used for the manufacturer of polyethylene pipe and fittings shall be pe3408 high density polyethylene meeting cell classification 345464c per astm d3350. The method uses the average of the inclination and holedirection angles measured at the upper and lower ends of the course length. Software piracy is theft, using crack, password, serial numbers, registration codes, key generators, cd key, hacks is illegal and prevent future development of directional drilling v. Tagged directional drilling calculations, drilling engineer calculation. Formulas and calculations for drilling production and workover 2e. The hdd equipment arrives on site aboard multiple trucks. Method pertaining to directional drilling method the initial drill out is carried out using highpressure water through drill rods. Locations the relative locations of the target and relief wells are calculated. Pdf file of the directional survey the actual directional.

In the past, there have been two major methods utilized in planning the directional well. Since the seventies deltares has been involved in the development and execution of trenchless technologies. Hdd toolface plan for hydraulic directional drilling projects. Use the angle averaging method and the radius of curvature method to calculate the following surveys. Sargents drilling utilities is a freeware program that performs most of the wellrelated calculations that the man on the rig needs in his daytoday work. Drilling software download free trial downloads try before.

The minimum curvature method smooths two straightline segments of the balanced tangential method by using the ratio factor rf. Arc length of a pipe needed for a directional drill. A major drawback of directional and horizontal well drilling is the numerous complex computations required to be done while planning a well. Sin opp hyp cos adj hyp opp sin x hyp tan opp adj hyp opp sin hyp adj cos adj cos x hyp circles. He has authored numerous technical papers on directional drilling and underbalanced drilling. Drilling numericals rig components, ton miles, circulation, mud pump, drillstring data, bha selection, kick and kill calculations, maasplot, directional well profiles, cementing. Ouija board is a method that directional drillers use to calculate inclination and azimuth at the bottom or distance and tool face to drill at required direction. Horizontal directional drilling is one of the most popular trenchless technologies. The directional drilling survey provides the control of directional drilling of oil wells with calculations and plotting of well planning and survey data in vertical section, plan and xyz views, calculations between two. Fds is unsupported rigsite software for drilling data capturestorage and daily reporting. United states law imposes restrictions on the destinations to which ses can be exported or reexported. Directional drilling techniques have also been applied to horizontal drilling with interest in this area increasing greatly over the last several years.

Pdf application of minimum curvature method to wellpath. Logs must be kept intact referencing all forces exerted on the pipeline during the project. A number of calculation models were found, but the bulk of these models is presented as models that are used to calculate already drilled wells. Horizontal directional drilling horizontal directional drilling has been used on a large scale since the eighties. Formulas and calculations 3 chapter one basic formulas. Horizontal directional drilling plan february 29, 2012. Schlumberger offers expert directional drillers and proven technologies to provide the trajectory control needed to drill the well correctly, the highquality hole required to successfully run and cement casing, and the precise well placement to optimize production and maximize recoveryall leading to drilling optimization for optimal efficiency and cost savings. Formulas and calculations for drilling, production, and workover, all the formulas you need to solve drilling and production problems, fourth edition provides a convenient reference for oil field workers who do not use formulas and calculations on a regular basis, aiming to help reduce the volume of materials they must carry to the rig floor or job site. He was a contributing author to the underbalanced drilling manual published by gri. You will be redirected to the full text document in the repository in a few seconds, if not click here.

Formulas calculations for drilling, production workover gateaiotspe. Calculations and examples for directional drilling engineering. Observe and explain miscellaneous equations of algebraic and trigonometric. Calculation equations for directional drilling free download as powerpoint presentation. Directional drilling oil wells how directional drilling. All the formulas you need to solve drilling and production problems, third edition, provides a convenient source of reference for oil field workers who do not use formulas and calculations on a regular basis. The mathematics of directional drilling bit by bit 0m sea relief targetbed kick off point end of build first bit. Given the data in table 1, we determine the length of pipe needed for the directional drill using three different methods. Free download ouija board directional drilling excel spreadsheet this is really useful.

Is a userfriendly trajectory design interface for the unique requirements of the hdd hydraulic directional drilling, industry to plan drilling trajectories starting and ending at any inclination and with multiple tangent and curve bend sections. Specification for horizontal directional drilling page 2 of 6 specification rsc09 ver 2 ergon energy corporation limited abn 50 087 646 062 6. Pdf directional drilling design using computer model. This is the updated version of drilling formulas drilling formula spread sheet v1. Drilling engineering a distributed learning course forward the drilling engineering workbook is a correspondence distributed learning course which covers the important elements of drilling a well. Directional drilling has proven technically and economically feasible in a broad range of geologic settings, including tight gas, heavy oil, and coalbed methane molvar, 2003. The components of a horizontal drilling rig used for pipeline construction are similar to those of an oil well drilling rig with the major exception being that a horizontal drilling rig is equipped with an inclined ramp as opposed to a vertical mast. The trenchless technique horizontal directional drilling. Directional drilling advanced trajectory modelling core reader. Calculations for the number of sacks of cement required. He intends to achieve a horizontal departure of 1500 ft at the with the tvd at the target point to be 10,000 ft.

Directional drilling is useful for retrieving resources when the shape of the reservoir makes vertical drilling less effective or when the oil or gas is trapped in rock and isnt able to flow into a large reservoir. Horizontal directional drilling and boring 02415 4 immediately. Directional drilling training manual december 1996 atc003 version 1. Directional drilling calculations archives drilling formulas and. Build up a vertical section is drilled, then, starting at the kick off point, the angle of incidence to the vertical is. Hdd plan is a userfriendly borehole design interface for the unique requirements of the hdd horizontal directional drilling, industry to plan drilling boreholes starting and ending at any inclination and with multiple tangent and curve bend sections applications for this program. Directional drilling apps for drilling and workover. This method is proven to substantially increase producible reserves of oil and. He worked for grace, shursen, moore and associates gsm. Directional drilling is drilling in three dimensions 3d bourgoyne et al, 1991. Pdf the number of directionally drilled wells in sudan is progressively increasing.

The objective of this project is to achieve all necessary survey calculations of the well trajectory. Directional drilling formulas, free directional drilling formulas software downloads, page 2. Windowsbased software for directional drilling calculations. Today, hdd is a recognized and often preferred method for installing all types of underground utilities such as water, sewer, gas, electric, and telephone.

Directional drilling formulas software free download. The drilling machine is assumed to be located at the cartesian coordinate. All the formulas you need to solve drilling and production problems slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The intent is to provide basic equations and formulas with the calculations for downhole drilling. Years of research have resulted in one of the first design codes for horizontal directional drilling, as well as a. Calculation methods for directional survey petrowiki. Directional drilling for mac new update coming soon on the mac app store. I1, i2 inclination angle at upper and lower surveys, degrees a1, a2 direction at upper and lower surveys. Pressure gradient pressure gradient, psift, using mud weight, ppg psift mud weight, ppg x 0. Directional drilling calculations when done manually or.

Pdf formulas and calculations for drilling production. The objective of this publication is to provide contractors, engineers, and utility owners with information that will assist with the completion. Pdf download formulas and calculations for drilling. Drilling operationsour drilling operations software and services provide comprehensive solutions, from consolidated data aggregation, to collaborative tools for drilling engineers and the rig site to continuously monitor and analyze drilling operations for an individual well or a group of rigs. If you are a drilling supervisor or a well site drilling engineer, you have, no.

Formulas and calculations for drilling, production, and. Formulas and calculations for drilling, production, and workover. Hdd pilot hole operations are not unlike those involved in drilling a directional oil well. Directional survey calculations formulas and calculations.

Attached to the front of the rods is a cutting head and transmitter, which is controlled by a locator to achieve the correct line and level required. The emphasis is on the theory behind these drilling elements in order to develop a greater understanding of the principles involved in drilling a. The contractor shall provide adequate supports along the stringing area to protect the pipe and allow free movement of the pipeline during pullback. Formulas and calculations for drilling, production and workover norton j. Carden has taught drilling, horizontal drilling and underbalanced drilling seminars in the united states and internationally for more than 20 years.

The directional drilling survey provides the control of directional drilling of oil wells with calculations and plotting of well planning and survey data in vertical section, plan and xyz views, calculations between two survey stations, easy tools to 2d and 3d wells and plot multilateral wells. Directional drilling formulas software mitcalc technical formulas v. This horizontal directional drilling hdd good practices guidelines, fourth edition is presented by the north american society for trenchless technology nastt, a nonprofit educational organization. Basics of horizontal directional drilling during the past six years, horizontal directional drilling hdd has revolutionized the underground utility installation industry. The mathematics of directional drilling bit by bit with workings curriculum for excellence. Curvature or bur 5730 rc rc 5730 bur tvd rc x sin inc2 sin inc1 vs rc x cos inc1 cos inc2 md rc x 2 x pi x inc2 inc1 rc x inc2inc1 360 57. Guidance note horizontal underground directional drilling 2 p a g e regulations and codes of practice if there is a code of practice about a risk, either. Excel spreadsheet with the planned directional coordinate data for the proposed wellbore.

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