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Overall recommendation as an outdoor plant 910 though i have only grown a single plant of the durban poison, i am a bit disappointed i dont have space to run a re grow on the strain next season. Our free little harvest guid e will help you determine the best moment to cut your plants. It has typical sativa growth patterns and can grow to be quite a large plant. Sign up here for our daily thrillist email, and get. Durban poison is legendary for its electric effects, which fills the user with a buzzing energy and a flurry of mental activity. Durban poison derives from the original durban, which was hybridized with indica genetics. It is a very tough and stable cannabis strain which will suit all types of grower. Indoor growers will want to tame durban poisons height by bending and pruning the spindly branches early. Durban poison marijuana seeds are 0% indica and 100% sativa.

Rosenthal was in south africa seeking new cannabis genetics and found some local seeds in durban that had a fast flowering time about 60. Pics of durban poison indoor grow marijuana growing forum. Though its a normally pure sativa, most versions finish fairly quickly and dont stretch like crazy. Durban poison is one of dutch passions classic varieties. Its taste is sweet and it has a trippy uplifting high. Auto durban poison is the autoflowering version of the legendary original durban poison. Durban poison thcfarmer cannabis cultivation network. Durban poison evolves into a marvellous midsizedbig marijuana plant that yields elongated buds overflowing with resin in exchange for very little attention. Many claim the real south african durban poison is very racy and finishes as long as 120. Durban poison is a pure landrace sativa cannabis strain originating from the african region.

It can reach 12 feet in height, and as such, can be successfully grown outdoors in warm, semihumid climates with consistent daily temperatures between 72 and 80 degrees fahrenheit. The marijuana seeds are specially selected from crops grown in the wild in south africa. Durban poison cannabis traces its origins back to its name, durban, a coastal town near the tip of south africa. The resulting hybrid is 100% sativa, potent, highyielding and really popular. Durban is a cross of one of the most renowned outdoor strains in the world. Her flowers have kept the signature durban poison aroma.

Auto durban poison grows to heights of between 80100cm and is well suited to indoor growth and small spaces. Buy auto durban poison autoflower seeds dutch passion uk. I have 4 of them going and i am in week two of flower. Durban poison grow journal by kegantyler growdiaries. Durban poison is best grown outdoors and its short height allows for limited space grows. This affordable marijuana strain is an f1 sativa breed that came from the valleys of south africa. Durban poison 510 pack fem seeds hemp lab grade trays. At the same time, it does little to impair mental processes, so its great for an afternoon spent reading or conversing with friends. Durban poison originates from south africa and the port city of durban where thousands of kilos of this legendary strain are produced every year. Original durban poison is a classic strain for indoor or outdoor growing in extreme northern or southern areas. It has gained popularity worldwide for its sweet smell and energetic, uplifting.

This strain provides an uplifting and thoughtful high that is great for boosting creativity. The plant produces large harvests and has a nice stimulating effect. May 22, 2009 hi there all you great 420ers basicaly the title says it all for some time now i have been considering durban poison. It will finish outside usually in early october, but can be grown easily indoors. Its an unknown but seems to be a indica afgahni maybe big bud bread. Dec 05, 2016 i find myself reaching for the durban possibly more often than any other strains grown by me this season. Durban poison is an original african strain crossed with potent early dutch skunk. The famously enjoyable durban poison genetics are easy to grow with a blissful high. Growing with our durban poison seeds our feminized durban poison seeds are fairly easy to grow and therefore a suitable choice for both beginners and advanced growers. Dutch passion durban poison grow journal by growntrees. Durban poison is a famous strain, many seedbanks may have their own versions of this sativa. Jan 01, 2007 i bought some durbin poison but havent grown it yet. When you want to order the durban poison marijuana seed for sale then you could rely on our store to give you the best quality. It sets the mind racing, and is a terrific strain for anyone looking to get busy and get things done.

The best weed i have smoked so far only has a rating of 710. Durban poison is a 100% sativa strain which produces an excellent energetic high that will leave you calling this anything but poison. Good luck and they are the best genetics i have ever seen. Because of its hardy and timetested genetics, durban poison is a good grow for newcomers to cultivation. Durban poison this pure sativa originates from the south african port city of durban. Durban poison buds will have eventually 16% thc and 1. Durban poison can grow up to 90 in height, and produces a yield of an average of 16 ounces per plant. With the current popularity of the girl scout cookies and cherry pie hybrids, which each incorporate dp into their recipe, its a fair guess that some form of durban could currently be found at most dispensaries and in many grow rooms.

Durban poison is a worldfamous, pure sativa marijuana strain that originally came from the south african port city of durban. These plants produce large marijuana buds that are well known for their resistance to disease and mold. Durban poison medical marijuana online weed for sale. Durban poison seeds how to grow marijuana grow weed indoors. This will be the first time trying to grow it like. The plant can be harvested after 89 weeeks indoors. Outdoor grow 2015 durban poison, autowhite widow, wss skunk, t. This strain is ideal for making concentrates, as the bud is covered in oversized trichomes.

Apr 18, 2017 a few of durban poisons most notable benefits include an increase in energy, focus, migraine relief and antinausea. It has gained notoriety worldwide for its sweet smell and energetic, uplifting effects. Durban poison is a very fast finishing pure sativa with a good sweet taste and strong physical marijuana high similar to many thai varieties. Its an adaptable plant that can be cultivated in any location that offers from 8 to 12 hours of sunlight a day during the normal growing season. Big compact nugs, grows long and massive, the colors like a rainbow and super mold resistant so thats why it was standing on my whish list. The buds of this weed plant are naturally dark, big and firm. Durban poison seeds how to grow marijuana grow weed. Durban poison dutch passion strain info growdiaries. The durban poison is a really amezing strain it has every thing what a outdoor grower must grow. This is a ghetto cfl organic soil grow, for more info check my comment, theres a link to my journal. The bouquet of durban poison cannabis gives hints of the very distinct taste it carries. Ich hatte letztes jahr auch 5 durban poison am start.

Durban can produce a very large yield, but may require a little extra care to achieve their full potential. Ive recently grown out a dutch passion durban poison and just wanted to post my opinions about the strain and my grow to all who are interested. Durban poison lineage durban poison is a pure sativa strain and has been around since the late 70s and has been named after the second biggest city of south africa. The dominant smell and taste of durban poison is earthy and sweet, with a subtle pine aroma. Youre also welcome to vote for my strain on the dutch passions site photo contest page if you like what you see. Durban poison seeds usa shipping marijuana seed shop. As you can expect from a sativa, the plant feels very comfortable when grown outdoors in places where it has all the freedom to grow considerably. Presented by advanced nutrients june 22, 2017 share print digihelionistock this article is presented by advanced nutrients, a global company raising the. They are 3 foot tall they tower over my other sativas and will be monsters.

Durban will have a comparatively short flowering time. The landrace strain sticks to itas roots with large, robust buds and oversized resin glands giving a citrusy flavor and activating effect. Jan 12, 2015 durban poison provides an exceedingly active, energetic high. Durban poison delivers a very upbeat high that is both functional and creative. It is easy to grow and grows well even in poor conditions. Personally, i have found the durban poison strain to do a good job in keeping me focused, all while boosting my creativity. The end product has a gentle cerebral sativa effect and tastes of aniseed licorice flavor. Apr 18, 2015 durban poison is currently enjoying a renaissance lately among cultivators, connoisseurs and cannabis cups. Durban feminized is a chunky subtropical sativa grows abundantly across southern africa and is enjoyed everywhere. Durban poison seeds for sale high quality buy online. Durban poison cannabis seeds by dutch passion belong to a feminised cannabis strain originated in south africa. Perfect for outdoor or hotter climates, it produces solid, dense buds.

These plants were vigorous with thick stalks that supported super hard large buds. Fans of sativa dominant autoflower seeds will love auto durban poison. May 19, 2017 forums growing marijuana marijuana grow journals indoor grow journals. Durban poison is an effective treatment for depression and anxiety, as well as chronic pain, and it can also be helpful with nausea. Dutch passion durban poison grow journal by teamdirtbag2. My weapon of choice for sampling durban poison was a clean bubbler. Durban poison is the perfect strain to help you stay productive through a busy day, when exploring the outdoors, or to lend a spark of creativity. I am currently growing durban poison from crop king. Popped these seeds in fall of 2019 after storage since august 2015. As a 100% sativa this displays all the traits you would expect, tall rangy fluffy buds on long fingered. Mar 02, 2016 durbans flavor lingers in the mouth and sinuses in the best possible way, seeming almost to freshen the breath with its minty, clean finish. Durban poison is also ideal if you are into the euphoric effects or feelings induced by strains that are predominantly sativa durban poison is 90% sativa.

I couldnt help but feel a tinge of remorse as i broke up my beautiful durban nugget and packed it. Durban poison outdoors growing durban poison cannabis seed. Originating in the port city of durban, south africa, this epic landrace strain has been consistently been gaining notoriety across the world since the late 1970s. This pure sativa originates from the south african port city of durban. I actually have few seeds sitting trying to decide which to go with in my aero grow next. Frank, who wrote the marijuana growers guide deluxe in 1978, modified the gene pool to increase resin content and decrease the flowering time. Durban poison van dutch passion seeds grow journals outdoor. Jan 30, 2014 got two durbans on day 5 in the usual set up of 15l airpots,plagron,an and gn rebel ms0004s. This strain is usually ready for harvest around late september to early october. Nothing is better than sitting under a shade and feeling your mood slowly being uplifted by a humble durban poison joint. I have blueberry f1, some durbin poison,some sweet purple, and some masterkush x kc33 i am currently growing a favorite amonst growers i know from years of growing. Durban will grow substantially during the flowering phase.

Buy durban poison seeds online at the marijuana seed shop. Buy durban poison feminised seeds dutch passion uk. Durban poison first grow in soil cfl 400w hps yea, theyre growing really fast now. A landrace sativa variety from south africa, durban poison is known for its spicysweet aniselike smell and taste and its clearheaded cerebral effect. Its flavor profile is sweet, earthy, and sharp with spice. Durban poison feminized seeds how to grow marijuana. Durban has been my favorite strain since first finding it at the local clubs about 3 years ago. Although in its pure form it is 100% sativa, it has been crossed with a plethora of strains and there is a good chance that its genetic code can be found in some of the most well known and beloved hybrids. Durban poison is a south african landrace sativa strain that offers a focused and motivating high. Durban poison cannabis strain information weedmaps. Its a sativa dominant strain, which demonstrates growth in sativa style at the end of the flowering period. Durban poison feminized seeds for sale high quality buy online.

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