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Dell to introduce new wyse thin clients for windows 8 os. Generate detailed reports to track health and performance of hardware and software assets. New innovations come on the market every day and there are new ways of working, whether thats from remote or multiple locations or with. Create groups of local and remote devices, each with specific requirements. For more information, see accessing file repository. The updates include the latest version of the operating system for wyse thin clients, thinos 8. Dell wyse datacenter for microsoft remote desktop services reference architecture a reference architecture for the design, configuration and implementation of a microsoft rds environment. Ensure that your deployment is supported and uptodate with the brokering, security updates, and management software. Jan 31, 2018 today dell announced that it was updating its thin client software with an eye for easing setup, management, and the ability to scale vdi solutions. The enterprise edition is a paid edition which offers additional deployment options and features.

Overlay the current datetime as well as a logo or other information. This software is produced by dell or, as the case may be, wyse technology. Wyse technology was an american company that designed and developed character terminals, virtualization software, device management software, cloud software, virtual desktop hardware and cloud computing systems. With the pro solution, organizations will be able to adopt a hybrid model and float their licenses between onpremises and cloud, giving it the flexibility to manage their thin clients in a way that works best for them. Use getapp to find the best thin clients software and services for your needs.

May 06, 2019 this is a quick installation guide for the wyse device manager 5. From a single console, you can easily issue software images, patches, updates and addons, and manage all aspects of remote cloud clients helping to ensure. The company was founded in 1981 by bernard tse, garwing wu, and. Ninjarmm is an allinone saas it monitoring and management platform with a robust set of features to help you design, plan, deliver, operate and control it services. In this video, we will show how to fully manage your dell wyse devices with wyse management suite. This is not an essential windows process and can be disabled if known to create problems. It can deploy, manage and maintain a scalable fleet of thin clients simultaneously and remotely from a. With the introduction of the igel udc2 software, igel adds dell wyse 5000 and 7000 series thin clients to the list of endpoint devices that can be tra.

As a valued dell wyse customer, we are dedicated to provide you with great services and support. Dell techcenter wyse product support forums these are a great resource for getting up and running with the solutions as well as tips and tricks for troubleshooting common issues. Thinkiosk converts existing windows based pcs, laptops, thin clients offering end users a unified and secure workspace interface. Execute commands on the remote device during unattended sessions, such as software installations, patch management, file updates, remote printing, rebooting and server reconnection. Dell wyse datacenter for microsoft remote desktop services. From a single console, you can easily issue software images, patches, updates and addons, and manage all aspects of remote cloud clients helping to ensure peak user productivity at your endpoints. Wyse device agent is installed to manage wyse software thin client by using wyse management suite. Optimized for a streamlined, outofbox experience thats ready for dayone use. The workgroup edition is the free version of wdm utilized for managing wyse thinclients. Plus, with prosupport for software, you get 24x7 support, a single point of contact for assistance and comprehensive troubleshooting. Thinkiosk windows thin client software solution thinscale. Wyse management suite is a flexible cloud management solution that allows you to centrally configure, monitor, manage and optimize wyse thin clients, zero clients and software thin clients with wyse converter for pcs, anytime, anywhere. Introducing wyse management suite for wyse thin clients. Wyse thin en zero clients, managing software suite dell nederland.

Dell wyse thinos requires zero external management software to operate, update and scale, eliminating the need for it to visit or touch the physical devices. This may be upgraded to wdm enterprise edition for an additional charge. Our intuitive directory allows you to make an easy online thin clients software comparison in just a few minutes by filtering by deployment method such as webbased, cloud computing or clientserver, operating system including mac, windows, linux, ios, android, pricing. The software can be installed on a physical or a virtual machine. These thin clients have a x86 processor, which allows you to run wyse thinos, pcoip enabled wyse thinos, and wyse thinlinux. Wyse device management with wyse management suite youtube. Designed to free it professionals from unnecessary support tasks, wyse device management products are invisible, selfconfiguring, automated client management tools for meeting daytoday configuration needs. The process known as wyse remoteaccess server or wyse remote access server for windows belongs to software wyse remote access or pocketcloud windows companion by dell or wyse technology description. Wyse management suite is a powerful, secure and highly scalable solution for managing and. Wyse thin and zero clients managing software suite dell uk. Use motion or audio sensing to trigger recording, or record continuously or periodically.

Jun 05, 2019 we recently received numerous requests and questions about using thinos to access cloud resources directly from the terminal environment using the teradici cloud access software cas solution. Remote repository wyse management suite allows you to have local and remote repositories for applications, operating system images and so on. In 1999, wyse technology once again went public, but this time on the taiwan stock exchange tse. The wyse portfolio of intelligent management software provides the broadest range of client management capabilities.

Wyse is an american manufacturer of cloud computing systems. A caution indicates either potential damage to hardware or loss of data and tells you how to avoid the. Wyse management suite dell wyse thin client benefits. Hp thin clients combine ultrasecure access with high performance and steadfast durability. Pocketcloud remote desktop is a freeware solution for remotely connecting devices such as computers, phones and tablets over a network. Connectwise business software for technology providers. Hp thin clients are longlasting, secure, easy to deploy and manage, and powerful, so you can effortlessly transition to. The wyse management suite is an efficient hybrid cloud management solution with floating license allocation between on premise and cloud. Dell wyse 3040 thin client user guide mouser electronics. They also had a successful line of ibm pc compatible workstations in the midtolate 1980s, but were outcompeted by companies such as dell starting late in the decade.

As in our example above, the managed service provider was able to spot a potential hard drive failure and take action before anything was lost. In 1997, wyse introduced the first thinclient remote management software system, wyse remote administrator. Enjoy peace of mind with the ultimate virtual os for malware and intrusion resistance with dells exclusive wyse thinos. Windows qfes and the drivers must be updated to the latest version. Wyse management suite is a flexible cloud management solution that allows you to centrally configure, monitor, manage and optimize wyse thin clients, zero. Below are resources designed to help keep you up and running. If the user accounts are distributed across geographies, it would be efficient to have a separate local repository for each of the distributed user account so the devices can download images from its local repository. Wyse management suite pro comes with dell prosupport1 for software a single point of contact for collaborative and remote assistance, customers get 24x7 support by phone and. Mar 02, 2018 the remote management software model also provides the provider with opportunities to make additional cash revenue through hardware or software sales. I am looking for a way to access my wyse 3030 clients remotely to addremove.

The following applications can be installed on your pc using the installer. A licence for wdm workgroup edition is included with every wyse c class model. The worlds most secure and comprehensive thin client portfolio for cloud computing, virtual desktop infrastructure and beyond 1. Wyse device manager wdm provides comprehensive, enterprisewide management for wyse c class thin clients. Ninjarmm is the easiest, allinone remote it management and monitoring solution that it professionals love. The pcoip management console is used to manage all pcoip zero client and remote workstation card parameters, monitor device status information, and upgrade firmware. There is a new license category added to manage devices.

Dell offers wyse software that enhances the user experience, makes thin client configuration and management easy from within your organization or from the cloud, and allows you to scale to over 50,000 thin and zero clients. A connection broker dynamically assigns users to host computers based on login credentials. Management software wyse device manager thin computing remote management. Powerful, easy to use and highly scalable, wdm software enables you to configure, monitor and manage dell wyse endpoint devices. Management software as the number of devices grows, dell wyse offers highly scalable management software products that offer process automation, insight, and low tco for large deployments. Wyse management suite power your workday manage up to one million wyse cloud clients from the public andor private cloud. Wyse management suite is een krachtige, veilige en schaalbare oplossing voor het beheren en optimaliseren van wyse eindpunten. Igel technology extends unified workspace management. It is not necessary that the software repository and the wyse management suite server have the same operating system. Windows embedded standard configurations are applicable to the devices. Wyse management suite simplifies the it effort for thin client configuration, deployment and management both onpremises and from the cloud.

For those not familiar with pcoverip pcoip, it delivers remote access to computers and virtual machines using a secure, highdefinition and highly. The platform is used as a thin client by connecting to any monitor and allows you to use a remote access client for vdi or cloudbased computing. The wyse solutions portfolio includes industryleading thin client solutions with advanced management, desktop virtualization, and cloud software. A note indicates important information that helps you make better use of your product. Silent remote installation with thirdparty management software, such as microsoft system center configuration manager sccm installation prerequisites the following are the prerequisites to install wyse converter for pcs. Pocketcloud remote desktop supports the windows and mac os platforms. Managing nondell tera2 clients in wyse management suite. Pcoip management console and a connection broker are complementary tools. Designed to free it professionals from unnecessary support tasks, wyse device management products are invisible, selfconfiguring, automated client management tools for meeting daytoday configuration needs, and scalable enterprisegrade management software for. For upgrading wyse thinos devices using wyse management suite here is a great video showing this process. Wyse software thin client supportwyse management suite supports a new device type called wyse software thin client which can be managed from mobile application. Dell wyse thinos pcoip connections to major cloud providers. Jul 25, 2012 dell offered virtual desktop products, but wyse has a far broader range of assets, including sophisticated management software and related services for provisioning of virtual desktops to a wide.

Dell wyse 3040 thin client is a lowcost entry level thin client platform. For private cloud, you must install the wyse management suite remote repository and local repository. Software a single point of contact for collaborative and remote assistance, customers get 24x7. Issue, manage and update polices across an organization. Manage from anywhere with a mobile app for realtime endpoint modern management. They are best known for their video terminal line introduced in the 1980s, which competed with the market leading digital. Wyse software simplifies the it effort for thin client configuration, deployment and management both onsite and from the cloud. Wyse management suite pro comes with dell prosupport1 for. Thinkiosk is the first, windowsbased pc to thin client conversion software solution delivering at scale, secure, centrally managed endpoints on any windows device. Control the remote device during attended sessions in order to lock the endusers mouse, turn the remote screen black and more.

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